Practical insights to empower stakeholders

We are a full-service research agency offering both research and consulting services. Our clients are at the heart of our business strategy. We develop and execute all phases of a research project: from our client’s questions and from the methodology design to delivering the answers which will make a significant impact on our client’s business. In this process we offer a top quality personalized service both on the execution and on the customer service side.

At VOR Market Research we operationalize, in a practical way, the “focus on the client” helping companies understand their direct and indirect clients’ need to serve them better then competition does. Combining clients’ data with primary research we generate insights for different departments within the organization, with the goal to empower stakeholders to achieve greater ROI and assure that the delivered information will influence actions and behaviors, from top executives all the way down to the floor staff.

We go deep on the business and the industry of each of our clients and we partner with them to understand their challenges so we can present the best methodological and technological solutions which will generate practical insights to help them make strategical, intelligent and secure decisions, leveraging their own competitive advantages and differentiating their selves from competition.

We serve multinational corporations and large enterprises leaders in their industries, such as: consumer goods, automotive, education, healthcare, agricultural, technology, banking, and pharmaceutical.

We conduct projects in Brazil and in Latin America. Our multi-disciplinary team manages projects in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Quality Results

Our goal is guarantee PRACTICAL INSIGHTS FOR YOU TO MAKE THE SMARTEST STRATEGICAL BUSINESS DECISIONS, BASED ON RELIABLE QUALITY DATA. We take great pride in providing quality market research services and exceptional customer service on every project.


Our consultants at VOR Market Research work with you to understand your business needs and to answer your strategical business questions by aiming to exceed your expectation along the way. We have 10+ years of high-level consultancy and research experience.

Our Research Expertise

Qualitative Research

Our in-house recruiting and moderation services is your reliable source for actionable insights. We are specialized in:

Focus Groups

In-depth Interviews

Ethnographic Research

Bulletin Boards

Quantitative Research

Our data collection expertise is your guarantee for a successful outcome. Here is just some of our expertise:

Data Collection

Field Services

IHUT Product Testing


Secondary Research

Desk research

Data Analytics

Data Science Services


Our dedicated team works on to help answer your most critical business related questions.


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